Courtland museum gets $20,000 grant

Published 10:34 am Wednesday, July 6, 2011

COURTLAND—For a sixth time since 2006, the Cameron Foundation in Petersburg has awarded funding to Rawls Museum Arts in Courtland.

The most recent grant for $20,000 will be used to pay for arts education programming for more than 2,000 students in kindergarten through high school in Sussex County.

“We’re happy to get it so we can offer services to the kids in Sussex County, who really deserve them and need them,” museum Executive Director Leigh Anne Chambers said Tuesday.

Grants from the Cameron Foundations do not provide funding for programs in Southampton or Isle of Wight counties. The museum has received more than $60,000 from the foundation.

Rawls Museum Arts will offer throughout the school year and also for the Summer Remediation Program 13 daylong workshops, Chambers said. The middle school and high school classes will each take place in the Rawls Museum Arts Art House; the schoolteacher and a chaperone will accompany the students.

Each workshop will correspond with the Virginia Standards of Learning, she said. The elementary workshops will be held on Saturdays at an Enrichment Academy at Sussex Central High School in the fall and in the spring at Rawls Museum Arts. The preschool workshops will take place at Ellen Warren Chambliss and Jefferson elementary schools in Sussex County and one day at Rawls Museum Arts.

Rawls Museum Arts also will organize two theater productions to be performed two times each to different groups of students. These will be offered to the students in kindergarten through fifth grade.

Rawls Museum Arts also facilitates an artist-in-residence program in Sussex County. One artist will be chosen to work with the elementary art instructor to provide programming assistance in the area of art.

“These programs will be designed to reach across the curriculum to help raise SOL test scores,” Chambers said. “These artists will go into Jefferson and Chambliss elementary schools from September to February.”

The workshops and programs will help the students to achieve greater success in not only art class but also in the other subject areas. The students will work out the planning and implementation of works of art that will develop many aspects of learning.

In addition this learning will enable the children to relate this discipline to other areas of learning such as problem solving, and areas of academic study, including math, science, history and geography.

The Cameron Foundation’s Board of Directors approved $1.6 million grants for 20 nonprofit organizations.

The private foundation was established to support programs and activities benefiting the residents historically served by the hospital now known as Southside Regional Medical Center. The foundation’s primary jurisdictions include the cities of Petersburg, Colonial Heights and Hopewell; the counties of Dinwiddie, Prince George and Sussex; and the portion of the county of Chesterfield lying south of Route 10.