One day a week without hunting should continue

Published 8:54 am Wednesday, June 29, 2011

To the Editor:

This is concerning changing the hunting law to include Sunday (Sunday hunting considered,” June 24), thereby making hunting season go on for full weeks.

Well, if that passes, there goes the one day of the week that my wife and I can go for our country walks and feel safe.

This would also add an additional day to the dogs running through our yard and the sounds of shots in close proximity to our house.

One thing mentioned in the article that doesn’t hold any water is the part about extending the hunting to support the reduction of the deer population.

I used to be a deer hunter many years ago and also in a local hunting club, and what the bulk of the hunters are going for is that “trophy buck.”

As a single buck can have a harem of doe, this does little to curb the deer population. I know that hunters pass up many chances to shoot a deer through the season, hoping for that right one.

If there was any seriousness about curbing the deer population, then buck hunting could be stopped for a season, allowing only doe to be shot.

Of course, the hunters would rise up and not let this happen, so exploding deer populations and the problems the deer are causing should not be used in support of Sunday hunting.

Don’t we want to keep at least one day of the week free from the pressures of hunting?

John Bunch