Rules established for driving golf carts in Boykins

Published 10:02 am Saturday, June 25, 2011

BOYKINS—Mayor Spier Edwards, who is always on the go, has come up with a new way to run errands in Boykins.

Edwards two weeks ago purchased a golf cart, which thanks to an ordinance passed two years ago by the Town Council allows him to legally drive it in Boykins.

Town officials explored state regulations and ordinances in other communities to come up with requirements, he said.

Operators must have a valid driver’s license and insurance on the golf cart. The golf cart must be equipped with seat belts, headlights, windshield wipers, a mirror and a horn.

Golf carts can only be driven on streets posted for 25 mph or less, which is most of the town, Edwards said.

Boykins also requires that golf carts get a safety inspection from a licensed inspection station or company that sells golf carts.

Parker Battery on South Street in Franklin inspects golf carts to make sure they comply with town ordinances, said Vice President Tim Parker.

“We know how to make sure all of the things work,” Parker said.

Edwards said the carts do not need an inspection sticker; an inspection receipt will suffice.

The mayor said he always wanted a golf cart, but never had the money to buy one.

“I got a good deal on one, and now I want to be legal when I drive it,” he said.

Edwards wants to make people aware of the ordinance for golf carts.

“We’re not trying to pick on people,” he said. “We do have an ordinance in place, and you need to get the necessary equipment on it in order to drive it.”