Gardener or not, we all need rain

Published 9:13 am Friday, June 24, 2011

Please keep on praying for more rain. it’s working.

While you’re at it, you could ask for an adjustment in the negative direction on the OAT — that’s Outside Air Temperature.

I have been working on the electronics in planes for more than 30 years. We are very concerned with weather in aviation.

Pilots tend to become very skilled in weather as they accumulate flying time. They learn when it’s OK to fly and when they need to stick with wheeled transportation. I have had guys come into my shop and tell me to install a weather detection system and call them when I have finished.

They don’t ask how much (many times it is in excess of $10,000) because they just finished the wildest coaster ride anyone could take. I heard of vertical lifts carrying them 20,000 feet in altitude or more. A person can get a real sense of how small they are when flying next to a fast-moving thunderstorm at 5,000 feet, their plane goes straight up at least three times that amount.

My point is that we are all very concerned with the weather during the summer. Our yards, gardens, fields, ponds, lakes, clean water wells and even Jeff Turner’s rivers rely on the weather to survive. A friend of mine was in Courtland experiencing a blowing, driving rain, while my home two miles away didn’t get a drop. I wanted some of that rain, without the wind, though.

My sweetheart is not too fond of temperatures above about 80 degrees. I have to say that I prefer the spring and fall, but I can deal with the higher temperatures better than I can the ones below 20 degrees. My old bones are starting to feel those more and more.

I can also feel a barometric pressure change, which translates to a weather change. For that matter, I can feel the temperatures above 80 degrees also, but I think that has to do with my sweetheart, not my bones. When it is above 80 degrees, and she is finding it uncomfortably hot, I start to sweat.

Just be aware: when one of us more experienced members of society tells you they feel a change in the weather, you might not want to pass it off as just hearsay. My grandfather was very accurate in predicting a weather change; he had arthritis to help him.

Have you found any other weather indicators that have proven themselves reliable? I’d love to share them with our readers.

Until next week, keep praying. Remember what we are asking for, and stay safe.