Advice aplenty on repelling ants

Published 9:13 am Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome back, outdoor friends.

Our prayers for rain have been answered! Keep on praying for rain until about the end of July. By then, I will have probably had my fill of garden work.

This week, I’d like to share some of the comments we received in response to my plea for help in defending against the ant invasion in — and around — our home. Here are some of the responses:

• Rub thick coating of Vaseline on the hanger of your hummingbird feeder. They can’t get through that. Home Defense, which can be purchased at hardware stores, works well for ants or any other bugs coming into your house. It comes in a gallon container with attached spray hose. Not expensive.

• Virginia Bell said the most effective way she has found to combat ants, both indoors and out, is with Terro. It is not an “instant acting” cure, but she has found it very effective over a period of a couple of weeks.

The nice thing is, once the ants find it, they also take it back to the nest and the whole colony is wiped out. Virginia said she usually buys the 6-pack of Terro Liquid Ant Baits, but they make other types too.

• If you find the pesky ants are making it into your house, Juanita June recommends mixing Borax with either honey or a jam. She puts the mixture in bottle caps and places the caps where the ants are marching in.

“They eat it, take it back to the nest and don’t return,” June said. “I use many caps along the route. I do not place them outside where other critters can have the treat. It works great.”

I have to say that I am very impressed with the outpouring of help in regards to my defense. It is apparent there are many readers who know much more about this than I do! I have even suggested to our editor that we find someone “qualified” to write a weekly garden column. If you are interested, please let her know at

Until next week, keep the rain regular, enjoy your gardens and please stay safe. Accidents can happen in and around your own home that can land you in a lot of trouble. I’ll give you some advice given to me: Think about what you’re doing before you do it.

BOB RUDZIK is a Newsoms resident. He can be reached at