Seven things to do before leaving

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, June 15, 2011

As promised, here are some responses to last week’s article, seven things to do before dying. These are from Paige Stroud.

1. Get up early, 5-6:30, watch the daylight break through the darkness.

2. Sit on the porch steps, take a morning stroll. Listen to the Carolina wren sing its heart out welcoming the day, every day. A chorus of other bird songs break through the stillness, and nature begins to move in synchronicity.

3. Look for the damp mist on a spider web, woven as if made by diamonds.

4. Feel the cool breeze and inhale the fragrant damp earth of the land.

5. Laugh at the hummingbirds fighting over their turf of nectar.

6. Giggle at the squirrels’ acrobatic maneuvers to eat the birdseed.

7. Evening sunsets are often called the “magic hour.” The early morning sunrise surely falls into the magical.

What is marvelous about these suggestions is they are easily experienced and absolutely free. Consider your list, both those you have experienced and those still desired.

It’s been said one of the greatest regrets of those nearing life’s end is they did not take enough risks. While you are able — the lungs are still inhaling, the heart beats with passion, the eyes gleam with possibilities — consider your yearnings.

We live in a grand world that beckons our exploration and calls forth the adventurer in us all. Listen. Can you not hear it?