Published 9:04 am Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Southampton County

NORMAN EDWARD BABB, two counts of threatening to do bodily harm

LEROY JUNIOR JENKINS, profane threatening language over telephone, destruction of property, trespassing

ELLIS SMITH, grand larceny

DIANNE PRYOR, violation of probation

NIKKIE JONES, failure to appear

CLIFTON LEON HINES, failure to comply with support obligations

CIARA DALE SPENCER, revocation of suspended sentence

TODD VASTIE POWELL, revocation of suspended sentence

PRINCEZINE GARRIS, violation of probation


DARYL R. BOONE, assault and battery

CARLOS S. LAWRENCE, possession with intent to distribute marijuana

MICHAEL SCOTT, felony driving while intoxicated, suspended license, possession of a stun weapon by a convicted felon

JOHN D. LITTLEJOHN, assault and battery

MICHAEL M. WYCHE, drunk in public, possession of alcohol by adult minor

DONTE R. JOYNER, capias, suspended license

THOMAS WRIGHT, possession of marijuana

THEODORE R. JOYNER JR., possession of controlled substance

BRYAN WALTON, abduction, sexual battery