Isle of Wight tax increase comes at bad time

Published 9:22 am Friday, June 10, 2011

To the Editor:

Memory recall to Isle of Wight County taxpayers:

If you remember last year, they where going to close a school because we didn’t have the money to keep it open, and they did keep it open, and now, this year, they want to spend $28 million to build a new one. How does this work?

Number one, they always use the schools to raise taxes. For whatever they want money for, they use the schools to get it.

Number two, has anyone told them we are still in a recession? The housing market is still falling, jobs are still being lost, and gas prices are still high and climbing.

President Barack Obama is printing more and more money, causing inflation to skyrocket. His energy policies are raising our utility costs, etc.

People are struggling to pay bills and put food on the table, and Isle of Wight County thinks it is OK to raise our taxes 25 percent for a school we don’t need, and even if we did need it, we cannot afford it.

Wake up. Things are going to get worse as long as Obama is in charge. Our weak economy cannot take any tax increases at all. If you want something, you have to make cuts to save for it.

I would like a new tractor and truck, but I cannot ask my boss to increase my salary to get it. I have to save and/or make cuts just as the local, state and federal government should have to do.

Mark Whaley