Land Transfers

Published 9:19 am Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Southampton County

City of Franklin

Ruth Parker Jones to Guiseppe Misseri, two parcels in the City of Franklin, $52,000

John W. and Betty B. Mulder to JONBETT LLC, $0

Pamela S. Bynum Doles to Pamela S. and Lorenzo Bynum Doles, 716 W. Second Ave., $0

Kimberly S. Pope to Erika L. Dobbins, lot 6, $137,500

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michael Lamont, 303 Edwards St., $13,500

Cheryl P. Cook to Brandon W. Cook, lot on Clay Street, $0

David A. and Ruth A. Doucette to National Residential Nominee, 1125 Clay St., $219,750

Fannie Mae to Da Shawn Blow, 152 Crescent Drive, $184,900

G. Elliot Cobb Jr. to Bronco Federal Credit Union, 133 Magnolia Ave., $191,807

Robert A. and Elizabeth A. Sager to Irma E. Brown, lot 37 section two Holliknol, $189,900.

Household Realty Corp. of Va. to James L. Hawks, 125 Queens Lane, $220,000

Beneficial Financial Inc. to Edward Lee and Jennifer M. Angel, lot 35 P.R. Camp, $25,000

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Douglas E. Smith, 736 Hunterdale Road, $123,900

Glasser and Glasser PLC to Wells Fargo Bank, 808 Gardner St., $84,262

Surety Trustees LLC to Flagstar Bank, 807 Pretlow St., $219,160

Sarah L. Parker to Darnyell C. Parker, lot 4 Riverview, $0

Jerusalem District

Mark S. and Tammy L. Carrier to William R. Arrowood, .918 acres on Sycamore Avenue, $139,900

Matthew Kenneth Seaborn to Matthew Kenneth Seaborn, one acre on Route 603, $0

Sybil M. Horner to William Ruland Tippit, 1.20 acres, $35,604

David J. Fowler Sr. to David J. Fowler Jr. and John Wayne Fowler, two parcels

David J. Fowler Sr. to John Wayne Fowler, 64.61 acres in Jerusalem District, $0

Roy Garland Bryant to Donald Lynn Bryant, lot on Nottoway Drive, $0

Michael J. Sergides to Demetra Casper, 18430 Sedley Road, $0

Franklin District

Vernon L. Wood and Faye Knight, .919 acres at 22515 Story Station Road, $0

Margaret H. Cobb to Gordon V. Coons living trust, 22366 Scottswood Drive, $192,500

Gussie M. Murphy to David A. Murphy and Gabri Boone, lot 28 Nottoway Gardens, $0

Sandlifters LLC to Raymond E. and Mildred B. Drake, 11.79 acres, $42,500

William T. Riddick Jr. and Rosa Riddick to William T. Riddick Jr., two parcels, $0

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Linda G. and Ian E. McNett Jr., 22262 Scottswood Drive, $22,000

G. Elliot Cobb Jr. to Bronco Federal Credit Union, 1.173 acres, $272,043

Virginia Housing Development to Daniel A. and Becky D. Kee, 31165 Cardinal Ave., $65,000

PNC Mortgage to John W. and Brenda D. Lowry, 31047 Sycamore Church Road, $248,940

Drewryville District

James M. and Alice B. Tolar to Ronald E. Edwards, 11325 Rivers Mill Road, $40,000

Charles B. and Barbara M. Rowe to Everett Farms, $138,400

Elmer Lewis Barnes to Elisha and Jacqueline Barnes, 64.45 acres, $70,000

Charles L. Heiner to Franklin B. Heiner, one-third interest in tracts 2-12, $500,000

Newsoms District

Sandra E. Roundtree to Brian P. and Holly C. Roundtree, Highway 674, $32,500

Elizabeth Ann Clifford to Mark Edward Lewis, 30086 Statesville Road, $0

Robert L. Cook to Robert E. and Catherine Simmons, 22492 E. Depot St., $70,000

Linda D. Bonse to Earl and Amber Hammond, 3.830 acres at 30482 Statesville Road, $185,000

Roger G. Gray Jr. to R.W. Tyler and Associates, .543 acres, $0

Robert E. Bentley to Robert E. Bentley, 90 acres in Newsoms District, $0

Berlin-Ivor District

Hunter Homes Inc. to Shannon Ansell, .919 acres on Unity Road in Berlin-Ivor District, $157,166.23

Everett L. and Peggy B. Shifflett, 3.3 acres in Berlin-Ivor District, $35,000

Joseph Brown to Dorothy A. Ellis, .5 acre in Berlin-Ivor District, $0

David R. Kitchen Jr and Susan L. Kitchen to Robert Lee Madron IV, 5.93 acres in Berlin-Ivor District

Paul W. Rogers Jr. to Paul W. Rogers Jr, parcels in Berlin-Ivor District, $0

Paul W. Rogers Jr. and Pamela G. Rogers to Paul W. Rogers Jr., 5.8 acres in Berlin-Ivor District, $0

Boykins District

Milton Blowe to Candace D. Ridley, parcels in Boykins District, $0

Fannie Mae to RV Holdings Eight, 32100 Virginia Avenue in Boykins, $40,000

Gwendolyn Murphy Fells to David Darden, 32420 The Hall Road in Boykins District, $0

Obadiah Claud to W. Keith Jones, lot in Boykins District, $120,000

Courtland Town

Thomas J. and George L. Weidman to George L. Weidman Jr and Ann C. Wiedman, lot 35 section II Shands, $40,000

Benjamin E. Marks to Clifford A. Hedgepeth III, 22465 Shands Drive in Courtland

Roy Garland Bryant to Garland Bryant, lot in Town of Courtland, $0

Capron District

William F. and Cindy J. Gillette, 6.326 acres, $0

Carter A. Smith to Virginia M. Smith, $0

John R. Rawls Jr. and M. Allison Rawls to John Rawls Jr., 5.242 acres, $0

Southampton County

Virginia M. Smith to Carter A. Smith Farms LLC, 3.22 acres, $0

Ivor Town

David E. Starkey and Susan Joyner to David R. Smercani, .41 acres, $25,000

Isle of Wight County

Windsor District

Willis Freeman Sr. to Stephanie Freeman, lots 57, 58 and 59 of Jamestown Annex, $0

Joseph C. Archer to Joseph C. Archer, lot 1 Collosse View, $0

John E. Spires to United States of America, lot 12 ph 2 Windsor Woods, $290,425

Nancy W. Jones to James Robert Jones, 159 acres residue HN in Jordan tract, $75,000

Daniel Boone to Theresta B. Ivery, lots 95 and 96 Jamestown Annex, $0

Deutsche Bank Trust Co. to Mom Haven 13 LP, 2131 and 2125 Carrsville Highway, $12,000

Hester W. Spivey to Hester W. Spivey Family Limited, 12.76 acres Route 258 adjacent Ida P. Spivey property, $0

Hester W. Spivey to Hester W. Spivey Family Limited, lot 7 and part of lot 10 Roberts acres, $0

Hester W. Spivey to Hester W. Spivey Family Limited, 39.85 acres on Route 258 Timothy J. Carr tract, $0

Otis Thomas Eanes Jr. to Isle of Wight Indsutrial Development Authority, 14.493 acres on Route 636, $336,000

Town of Windsor

United States of America to Russell P. Shwartz, lot 12 ph 2 Windsor Woods, $250,000

Town of Windsor to Economic Development Authority, well lot 2 S. Court St., $0