You asked: Holes recently filled at Armory Field

Published 11:06 am Saturday, May 28, 2011

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You asked: What will be done to fill in the holes near the entrance to Armory Field?

Dr. Linwood Johnson points to a hole in the ground near the entrance to Armory Field. The holes in question have been filled with topsoil by city staff.

FRANKLIN—The Franklin Public Works Department recently filled in holes near the entrance of Armory Field after resident Dr. Linwood Johnson raised concerns over the issue.

Johnson called the stumps and holes left over from a project to add new bleachers an injury waiting to happen.

“Someone walking or running through there could get seriously hurt,” Johnson said. “It’s a major concern.”

Public Works director Russ Pace said crews recently filled in holes from rotten stumps of trees cut at ground level near a storage shed close to the fence around the tennis courts. He said grinding was not used on the stumps originally because the area was not supposed to be used.

“There is a building there now that is forcing people to walk over it,” Pace said.

He said the stumps that had rotted away only left behind holes two inches deep. The holes were filled with topsoil.