Published 8:54 am Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Southampton County
CHARLES PETTY, contempt of court, default on payment of fines, costs, or penalties, possession of controlled substance
WILLIE HUDSON CHITTUM, breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony
AMIR JELEEL WATERS, possession of firearm while in possession of drugs
STEVEN JAMES WYNNE, violation of probation
SHIRL JEAN FAISON, failure to appear
JOSEPH HOFFMAN, petty larceny, forging, uttering, obtaining money by false pretenses
EDWARD BROWN, grand larceny
ANTONY BRADSHAW, driving with suspended license
CALVIN TAYLOR, grand larceny
CRAIG MURPHY, grand larceny

JAMES JOYNER, 27, domestic assault
EDDIE CROSS, 43, capias to show cause
ERIC BAKER, 33, possession of marijuana
TERESA A. STEVENS, 43, grand larceny
BOBBY PITTMAN, 29, assault and battery, parole violation
TIERA M. RICKS, 22, capias
KEVIN M. EATON, five counts of forgery, two counts of obtaining money by false pretense, two counts of larceny of bank checks, grand larceny
MELVIN STEVENS JR.,  25, drunk in public
BRADLEY J. WRENN, 21, disorderly conduct
LEANDER PERRY, 24, assault and battery
ERIC BRADSHAW, 50, felony larceny
QUENTIN BULLOCK, 35, eluding police, reckless driving, revoked driver’s license
TIFFANY WARREN, 25, assault and battery
SHIRLEY ANN GRANT, 51, assault and battery