Navy would have been good thing for Franklin

Published 8:31 am Friday, May 20, 2011

To the Editor:

When I read in The Tidewater News (“Navy back on agenda,” April 24) that the mayor and City Council were revisiting the issue of the touch-and-go Navy plane landings, I was heartened because it would mean income and commerce for the city to cover the budget shortfalls and not raise taxes, as I understand things.

As everyone is aware, the economy at all levels rides on the backs of the middle class. We are overburdened with high prices and taxes as they are now.

My family lived beside a piano teacher while I was growing up, and we never heard the lessons. In those days, there was no air conditioning to block the music. My bedroom window was right across from her studio. I am confident that after awhile, the sounds of the planes will “disappear.”

I pray the governing body will consider this new source of income to avoid raising taxes. If this is not done, it appears that the governing body is more interested in promoting the longevity of their political careers than doing the right thing for the citizens of Franklin.

Pamela D. Macklin