Court dispositions

Published 9:15 am Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Isle of Wight County
Circuit Court

CHENELLE OCAMPO, Hampton, license suspended and $250 fine for guilty plea for reckless driving

JEFFREY R. MILLER, nine months in prison and five years of probation for charge of selling drugs

Southampton County Circuit

JASON CLOBY, Culpepper,
one year and nine months in prison, two years probation and entry into a drug program for a probation revocation from possession of weapon by inmate

GARY A LAWRENCE JR., Midlothian, four months in jail and three years probation on probation revocation from a violation on probation charge

IVAN KRISTIAN BLOW, Courtland, one year and six months in prison and indefinite supervision for unlawful wounding

DAVID LEE JENKINS, Boykins, $100 fine brandishing firearm

TERI WHITE, Franklin, five days in jail, 12-month license suspension and a $250 fine for drunken driving