Family, friends of burn victims thank all for support

Published 10:08 am Saturday, May 7, 2011

To the Editor:

If anyone doubts the goodness of people and the power of prayer, one would only have to follow the aftershocks of the explosion on Hell’s Island, April 7 (“Explosion at logging site injures four,” April 10).

Four young men and their families’ lives were changed forever that day, and the new normal has yet to be established, but it needs to be known that everyone who knows them has become a part of that new normal.

The prayers, calls, visits and donations to families for shelter and food, etc., has been an overwhelming testament to the benevolence of people everywhere.

More than that, it has all been a testimonial to the goodness and character of the young men involved.

While one young man’s family is grieving his loss of life, they have not ceased to pray and visit the families of the three men fighting for their lives and recovery in Richmond.

Each man is in a different stage of recovery and care. The families sit together and wait for the marathon of surgeries and celebrated milestones, and the care and concern of people continues to pour into the hospital to support the emotional and physical endurance test.

We, the parents, wives, sisters, brothers and girlfriends, talk endlessly of our gratitude and thanks to all those who have propped us up and kept our hopes and hearts alive.

How we will ever thank you all individually may not happen in the next days or weeks, but please know that every one of you is appreciated and not forgotten.

Continue to pray for Lon, Jeremy, Trent and the family of Gary as they face the future and fight their way back. They are strong as evidenced by their continued improvement and determination.

Continue to pray for the team of doctors and nurses who have been miracle workers with hands of magic and the endurance that surpasses all.

Thank you, thank you and thank you from all of us living in the Evans-Haynes Burn Center in Richmond. Bless you.

Carolyn Marks Bickham