Court Dispositions

Published 10:17 am Saturday, May 7, 2011

Isle of Wight County

Circuit Court

DONNA LYNN CRICK, Suffolk, had cocaine possession charges dismissed.

RICHARD LAWRENCE MILHOUSE, Windsor, two years 11 months in prison and five years probation after a guilty plea for bad check/ larceny

Southampton County Circuit Court

WOODROW HARVEY, Portsmouth, one year in jail for probation violations from charges of grand larceny and possession of cocaine

DEMARCUS GARCIA NEWSOME, Franklin, five years in prison for possession of a firearm after violent felony conviction.

LEMORE JUNIOR LAWRENCE, Franklin, 18 months in prison for being a habitual offender charge, $50 fine for contempt of court

JOHN DEMETUIS WOOD, Suffolk, five years probation and six-month suspension of driver’s license for possession of cocaine.