Nurse concerned about program at PDCCC

Published 8:56 am Friday, May 6, 2011

To the Editor:

As a retired nurse, I am distressed to learn that the Paul D. Camp Community College registered nurse program is in jeopardy.

When first proposed, it was envisioned that the program would be a vehicle to provide well-prepared nurses to serve the area hospitals and health care facilities. It would also provide an opportunity for licensed practical nurses to complete studies that would allow them to take state board examinations for registered nurse status.

I applaud all changes the college proposes that will strengthen the program, especially stricter admission criteria and the establishment and maintenance of higher academic standards.

I would also like to address President Paul W. Conco’s comment about nursing students of the “old days.” I don’t know his criteria for “old,” but 20 years ago numerous nurses at Southampton Memorial Hospital sought to further their education through bridge programs (LPN to RN and RN to BSN) at Tidewater Community College and Old Dominion and Hampton universities.

All of these women had families with young children and most continued full- or part-time work schedules while completing their studies. As Dr. Conco suggests, they were focused, but they also appreciated the importance of their goals and demonstrated a positive work ethic.

Students from earlier times did work, raise families, attend classes and still managed to maintain a healthy grade-point average.

I admire these women greatly and still consider them some of the finest and most capable professionals I have the privilege to know.

Pam Darden