Thanks to Sedley burglary victim

Published 9:34 am Saturday, April 30, 2011

We don’t know who you are, but we want to congratulate you for what you did on Wednesday.

We’re talking about the Vicksville Road resident in the Sedley area who came home to find two men allegedly burglarizing his home. The victim called the police and then followed the suspects in their vehicle.

Deputies with the Southampton County Sheriff’s Department responded, and an eight-mile pursuit followed. Suspects Brandon Pearson, 19, of Franklin and Ken Griffin Jr., 18, of Windsor were apprehended in the area of Berlin Dory Road.

They were charged with two felony counts of breaking and entering and two counts of grand larceny. The multiple accounts on both charges are related to another burglary in the 30000 block of Maple Avenue in Sedley in which the pair are suspects.

Too much of Western Tidewater in recent months has fallen prey to daytime burglars. People who we suspect don’t have jobsare taking advantage of those who do by breaking into their homes when the victims are working.

So many of these burglaries are hard to solve because there may not be witnesses or much left behind in the way of evidence. In this instance, the resident was lucky enough to come home and catch the alleged burglars and then followed protocol to help police nab them.

So, thank you again for helping make our community safer.