Land Transfers

Published 8:16 am Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Windsor District

LNV Corporation to William MCconnell, 2.787 acre Par B2 Chester L. Carr Estate Property, Windsor District, $98,700

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Roger Jones, Remainder 124 ½ acre field Annie E. Bardshaw property Windsor and Hardy districts, $225,600

Hazel Spivey Lankford to Lud Spivey, 30 acres on Route 634, Windsor District, $0

Hazel S. Lankford to Lud Spivey, 60 acres adjacent WJ Saunder property and pacel adjacent Elisha Lankford farm, Windsor District, $0

Michael Russell Kirk to Carolina Preferred Properties, remainder of 53 acres adjacent Blackwater River and remainder 75 acres George Carr tract, Windsor District, $0

John C. Bowers to John C. Bowers, .91 acres on Route 619 John C. Bowers property, Windsor District, $0

John C. Bowers to John C. Bowers, remainder 41.39 acres on Route 648 John E. Eley estate, Windsor District, $0

Ellen R. Lesoine to City of Franklin, Lot 3 Section 2 DT Prince property on Walters Highway, Windsor District, $75,000

Town of Windsor

Kenneth C. Thiery to Ellen R. Lesoine, .54 acres lot 6 William D. Vassar, $45,000

Jeffrey M. Rogers to Silver Spurs Investments, parcel 1 Harold C. Taylor, Windsor, $275,000

Michelle R. Acree to Michelle R. Acree, lot 5 RA Stoke, Windsor, $0