Land Transfers

Published 8:51 am Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Richard Cory and Annett Edwards to Bobby A. Blow, 413 Walnut St., $128,200
Jean Marc Kien to Richard E. Lopez, 908 N. High St., 229,900
Nectar Projects Inc. to HSBC Bank USA, 304 Willis Road, $234,118
Jamea S. and Maxine S. Wilson to Maxine S. Wilson, 511 Pretlow St., $0
Equity Trustees LLC to Beneficial Financial Inc., 303 Hogart St., $43,824
Aurora Loan Services LLC to Leonard Ray Baggett Jr., 156 Bobwhite Lane, $145,000
Lonnie L. Norman to Catherine O. Norman, 313 Artis St., $0
Joseph Blake and Diane D. Blythe to O’Reilly Automotive Stores Inc., 1122 Armory Drive Franklin, $375,000
Johnie R. Muncy to Federal National Mortgage Association, 1105 Clay St., $236,500
DBAPPLEF LLC to K&R Investors LLP, 1.702 acres on Armory Drive, $1.65 million
Fannie Mae to Leroy Raiford, 28157 Hemlock St. $25,300
John G. Britt Jr. and Katharine Britt to Katharine Britt, 833 Rebecca St., $0
Johnie Muncy to Fannie Mae, 200 Southampton Road, $189,006
Bank of New York Mellon to CAO Investments LLC, 401 Bogart St., $20,000
Cypress Cove Development LLC to Superb Homes LLC, lot on Country Club Road, $0
Superb Homes LLC to John Butler, 31075 Country Club Road, $285,000
Barry G. and Patricia P. Smith to Barry G. Smith, lot in section III of Scottswood, $0

Southampton County

James N. and Joan M. Bradshaw to John P. and Sandra C. Lindsey, 23005 Shands Drive, $217,500
Charles B. Rowe to Edward R. Railey III and Parson Railey, .540 acres, $66,200
Thomas L. and Elisa D. Galbreath to Kevin R. Kiss, three acres on Governor Darden Road, $219,000

Early Sue Ivey to Janet Marie Ivey Ferrell, 11366 Rivers Mill Road, $0
Damon T. and Crystal M. Kindred to Damon T. and Crystal M. Kindred, 26980 Old Church Road, $0
Allen F. and Belinda H. Edwards to Bob H. Edwards, 11.768 acres, $0

Mary F. Dunlow to James E. Dunlow Jr, lot in the Newsoms District, $41,493
James A. and Maxine S. Wilson to James A. Wilson, .984 acres, $0
Nectar Projects Inc. to Aurora Loan Services LLC, 16201 Cabin Pond Road, $135,000
Sidney Bruce and Gayle Phillips to William David Lee, 9.49 acres on Cary’s Bridge Road, $0
Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance to WLH Properties LLC, 1.03 acres in the Francis subdivision, $0

G. Elliot Cobb Jr. to Bronco Federal Credit Union, 17 acres on Whitehead Road, $306,888
Sandra B. Smith to Jeff Hemingway, Highway 186, $10,000
Thomas Pope to Brenda P. Granger, lot in Boykins District, $0
Larry Parker and Debbie Felts to Tate Parker and Diane Felts, 1.616 acres, $0

Louise Whitley Mashtate to Steve M. and Beronica D. Casper, 1.986 acres on Branch Bridge Street, $82,600

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to John M. and Cynthia M. Mason, 1.080 acres at 25199 Blackhead Signpost Road, $27,162
Curtis W. Drake to Charles James Arrington III, 20.15 acres, $116,000
Fannie Mae to Jason C. Fowler, 23086 White House Road, $29,900
Thomas W. White to Donald L. and Priscilla D. Self, 34208 Battle Beach Road, $240,000
James W. Jones and Diane Bynum to James W. Jones and Diane Bynum, .920 acres, $0
Mark Thompson to Charles D. Keeter, 29040 Everett St, $60,000
Nancy F. Bodmer to Patricia F. Hazelwood, a lot on Route 672, $0
Nancy F. Bodmer to Charles B. and Carolyn Bunn, 94.730 acres, $237,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to David Lonsdale, 15373 Corinth Road, $131,000
Jack L. Hardt to David Christopher Hardy, lot on Route 600 Berlin in Ivor District, $0
Ryan Linville and Al Wallmeyer to Ryan Linville, 8492 Bell Ave., Ivor, $0
Richard T. and Cathleen Simms to Elisha T. and Patricia Swindell, $18,000
Matthew E. and Andrew S. Crawford to Alice J. Davis, 35281 Church St., $100,000
Avis L. Story to WMS. Wirt Construction Inc, 1.979 acres on Unity Road, $36,000
Annie Belle Harrup to Bruce D. Harrup, 93.696 acres on Skyline Drive, $0

Franklin District
Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Nationstar Mortgage, 31078 Camp Parkway, $303,020
Jason A. Dunn to Joseph Blair and Fowler J. Bunn, $5,000
Eleanor and Claude D. Scott to Eleanor Scott, 2.5 acres, $0
Eleanor and Claude D. Scott to Eleanor Scott, 21.34 acres, $0
Eleanor and Claude D. Scott to Eleanor Scott, 19.01 acres, $0
William L. Norman to Sean and Rica Gilmore, two parcels, $0
Citimortgage Inc. to Drew W. Birckhead, 22496 Jons Place, $116,900

Jerusalem District
Towne Development Corp. to Anthony J. Stasse, lot on Sandy Creek, $0
Fannie Mae to Hillary Gunn, 27020 Flaggy Run Road, $69,000
William M. Camp Jr. to Colonial Girl Scout Council, 5.403 acres, $0