So sorry to hear about the passing of Miss Delores

Published 9:48 am Saturday, April 16, 2011

To the Editor:

On March 17, this area lost an angel.

Delores Darden, known affectionately as Miss Delores, passed after an extended illness in Richmond.

Miss Delores was known all over Suffolk, Franklin, Southampton and Isle of Wight. There was no obituary; she was cremated. There’s been no funeral or memorial service so far, and I have yet to see anyone she knew who was aware of her passing.

Miss Delores worked for a local nursing care provider. I got to know her when she came to help with my handicapped daughter, Beth.

For years she looked after Beth and my entire family. The only time she was ever late, her car had broken down and she started walking some six miles to my house.

Fortunately, I went to look for her and found her about three miles from the house in freezing cold weather; all she could do was apologize for being late.

She was always telling stories of things that had occurred in the area back in the old days and being raised on her farm just off Route 189.

My wife and I were able to set up a cruise for the whole family — of which by then Miss Delores was a member — to Mexico a few years back. I am quite sure her travels had been mostly local, and to see her and the excitement of going to another country was simply awesome.

I don’t think she ever got the hang of the slot machines on the ship, but what an experience. In Mexico, she had the opportunity to barter with the locals for their goods. Wow! What a laugh we got!

When Miss Delores took ill, she requested that we not come to see her because she didn’t want Beth to see her that way. She sincerely loved Beth and my family as well. We did love her too.

I cannot express how grateful I am to have known the love of this woman and for her to have been a part of my family. She will be missed.

I am sure she has her wings and resides with the angels in Heaven.

Julien Johnson