Published 9:48 am Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KHADEDRA BANKS, 21, credit card fraud, computer fraud, 15 counts of obtaining money by false pretense

DONTRAY B. HUNTER, 18, domestic assault

ERICA S. MURPHY, 20, assault by mob

BONTAE MURPHY, 22, assault by mob

CHARLES A. HALEY, 44, sell and distribute cocaine

DEMONE A. ASHBURN, 20, capias

KEITHON M. WHITEHEAD, 22, possession of cocaine

CARROL L. FLEMING, 39, drunk in public, disorderly conduct, assault and battery, trespassing

WALTER B. PERSON III, 38, drunk in public, trespassing

MARCUS L. JONES, 24, drunk in public

BUBBLE JONES, 25, suspended driver’s license

FRANK L. CZEWSKI, 44, driving while intoxicated

LAROY MONTRELL BOONE, 22, assault and battery

Southampton County Sheriff Office
RANDY EARL HILL, one count of carnal knowledge of a child 13 to 15 years old

JAMIE DEMOND FENNELL, one count breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony and one count grand larceny

ROBERT HENRY WILLIAMS, one count violation of probation for discharging a gun while in a vehicle, one count possession and transportation of firearms by a convicted felon
JERMAINE EVERETTE, one count violation of probation

KATRINA J. ARTIS, one count failure of bailee to return property

LAKISHA SHANTAE WHITNEY, one count assault and battery

GEORGE M. HILL, five counts revocation of suspended sentence and probation

ROY EUGENE MAUPIN JR., one count of violation of probation

TODD MARTIN CRANDALL, two counts forging public records

operate motor vehicle – habitual offender, one count possession of controlled substances, one count driving under the influence