More civility needed

Published 9:44 am Friday, April 8, 2011

Franklin was pretty lucky no one was hurt or killed after a fight broke out at American Legion Post 73 early Saturday morning.

Police indicated up to 150 people were involved with a fight inside the Armory Drive social hall, which spilled out into the parking lot after someone inside brandished a gun — a gun. Who takes a gun to what was supposed to be birthday party?

There were also reports that a gang from Suffolk showed at the event and that the party was posted on Facebook.

Once police dispersed the crowd from the Legion, fights continued in town, at the Burger King, Huddle House and on the city’s south side, police reported. There were reportedly shots fired. It’s amazing no one was hurt.

We can assume that these fights were fueled by drugs and alcohol and not-so-bright people. Last summer, after a fight got out of hand at a party in Suffolk, a gifted, popular 18-year-old athlete was shot to death. A 19-year-old man was arrested for the teen’s death.

What a waste of two lives.

Do people not realize how quickly a life can be ended when a gun is fired? After pulling the trigger, that’s it. It can’t be taken back.

And how about the five police officers that responded to the fight at the Legion. When you have that many people fighting, that has to be downright scary to break it up. You don’t know who has a gun or knife.

We live in a violent world. A little more civility, please.