Published 8:58 am Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Southampton County

BENJAMIN HEDGEPETH, one count of possession of marijuana

TERESA LYNN TEMPLE, driving with a suspended license

MYRTLE LEWIS, one count grand larceny and one count destruction of property

EMANUEL RODRICK III, two counts of possession of marijuana, distribution of cocaine, possession of a firearm while in possession of drugs and six counts of animal cruelty: deprivation

NATHANIEL HALEY, failure to pay support.

ALEISHA MARIE MOORE, violation of probation

ANDRE MAURICE BAKER, assault and battery – family member

CLAY OAKLEY, assault and battery

DAVID KASHIF TONEY, violation of probation

JOSHUA CHARLES LASSITER, assault and battery

ALICIA TRINIDAD EVANS, possession of a controlled substance

GLENWOOD JONES, possession of a controlled substance

CLYDE P. BAILEY, assault and battery – family member


GHANA BYNUM, 38, possession of cocaine

PATRICK CARTER, 20, felony destruction of property, assault and battery

WILLIAM E. COOLEY, 37, capias

ANNE B. HEDGEPETH 38, assault and battery


DEKWATE LANKFORD, 18, disorderly conduct

SHARMATRICE LANKFORD, 22, disorderly conduct

SHIRLEY THOMAS, 28, trespassing

TANJI J. WIGGINS, 31, suspended license, obstruction of justice

NICHOLAS B. WINN, 25, two counts of grand larceny

SHATANILYA REID, 23, two counts of abduction, domestic assault and battery

STEPHANIE MIDDLETON, 24, two counts of abduction