Kudos to Franklin Police

Published 9:00 am Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kudos to Franklin Police Department for putting citizens’ minds at some ease.

This week, police arrested two Franklin men for allegedly breaking into nine homes in the city.

Police did not want to go into great details about how they pinned the break-ins on Charles Cary, 21, and Christopher Artis, 18, but it’s good to know the suspects are behind bars.

Since January, 38 homes have been burglarized in the City of Franklin; more than 50 have been broken into in Suffolk. The break-ins have occurred primarily during the day when hard-working folks are away from home and unable to protect what’s theirs.

The burglaries have been occurring all over Franklin — in the nice neighborhoods and not-so-nice neighborhoods. They have people on edge, wondering who will be next.

The problem with solving burglaries is you need witnesses, who can provide police with information. Even that may not be enough.

Police collect DNA samples from the crime scenes, which are sent to a crime lab in Norfolk. It can take months before the samples are returned. And only if a suspect’s DNA is on file, then a crime could possibly be connected to that person.

So police often have a real challenge when it comes to solving burglaries.

We commend the Franklin Police Department’s aggressive response to the recent crime wave and the reassurance it has given a jittery citizenry.