IOW Board adopts budget with amendments

Published 9:39 am Wednesday, March 30, 2011


ISLE OF WIGHT—Isle of Wight County’s School Board on Monday adopted a $57.6 million budget for 2011-2012, but not before some amendments were accepted or rejected.

The Board agreed on a suggestion from chairman David Goodrich to buy instruments with the money budgeted for bands and that extra money can go to purchase new uniforms.

The board rejected a suggestions by Herbert DeGroft of the Hardy District that built-in raises due to step increases be bonuses in June and December. Katherine Goff, communications, recruitment and medial specialist, told the board that “bonuses are not considered credible compensation” by the Virginia Retirement System. Goodrich said that to do so “shortchanges” the teachers, particularly those close to retirement. A higher salary at that time means more money for retirement.

DeGroft asked that the total budget be reduced by $900,300 relative to relocating Windsor Middle School in regard to parents’ concerns about safety. Goodrich said his takes on that motion was that DeGroft wanted to close the school.

Goodrich added that the county’s growth will be in Windsor, citing a 212-unit housing development across from the school.

Each board member will more thoroughly acquaint himself with the budget to answer questions from the Board of Supervisors on April 7.

In other business, DeGroft made a motion to amend the retirement incentive of $40,110 to $39,200. Superintendent Dr. Michael W. McPherson countered that the school system needed to adjust the scale to be competitive. The motion died for lack of a second.

Griffin also made a motion that the Board “cease and desist” its dealings with Kronos, a system-wide method of keeping time for all employees.

“I don’t feel the school system is large enough to justify the use of Kronos,” said Griffin.

After further discussion in regard to the cost and money paid, the motion passed to eliminate that time-keeping method.

But connected to that was Goodrich’s motion that the chief financial officer Philip Bradshaw work with the technology department to develop an alternate electronic means for keeping time for all employees. He pointed out that using a pencil and paper method is laborious, expensive in the time that’s lost to keep track of an employee’s work hours, not to mention “more prone to error.” The motion passed to find another method.