Hear news … let us know

Published 9:33 am Wednesday, March 30, 2011

As a community newspaper, we are in the business of reporting information regarding the goings on in the community we serve in an accurate and timely fashion.

We are sometimes criticized for being somewhat less than accurate and timely. This type of criticism comes with the territory. Yet to accept that criticism, if we knew it to be true, wouldn’t serve our best interest or accurately reflect our intentions.

We strive daily to gather information and report on topics our readers not only find interesting, but also that which provides a service to our community. Timeliness and accuracy are our goal and our responsibility. It is what our readers need and deserve. We take both seriously.

In the most recent issue of The Tidewater News, we ran a front-page story about the recent increase in burglaries and break-ins plaguing the City of Franklin. We believe the information provided to be accurate. We also understand that some found it to be less than timely.

This story serves as a microcosm for most issues on which we report. While we keep our ears to the ground to keep abreast of all issues that affect our readers, we ultimately don’t know what we don’t know. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it…

We rely on our readers to let us know when newsworthy events take place in this community. If a crime has taken place, first call the police, and then call us. If it is of greater value to the community, we will investigate and report. If not, we might not.

We also rely on the police, both in the city and in the counties, to cooperate with us and release information that is in the interest of public safety. As a matter of routine, all felonious activity should be revealed to the public — and not just after an arrest is made. When it is reported to us, we will report it to you.

We are a part of this community and we take our role in it seriously. Our readers are not only customers, but also our friends and family. Withholding information that would help protect you or being slow in reporting it would be contrary to our values.

Improving public safety is in all our best interests. We ask our partners in law enforcement and you, our readers, to help us in this endeavor.