Fountain of Youth

Published 9:38 am Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Long evenings, low energy, feeling old, I’m hungry, take a nap?, let’s see what comes on next, (yawn), another cup of coffee?, let me try and get out of this chair, stiff back, “I’m tired,” — a long shuffle all the way to the kitchen, are these pants getting smaller?, cold outside — good day to stay inside, feeling aches and pains, take the trash out again?, pull the foot rest out, Ahhhhhh, read the paper — sports, comics, local, national, did I miss anything?

Do what? Go where? Let’s just stay in again, What time is lunch? Heavy eyelids, “I’m tired,” throw that afghan over me, will ya’? What’s on tonight? What comes on next? Phone ringing- ah, just let it ring, Late news, hear the bed calling, stiff joints, cold covers, feel like an old man, spouse snoring, drift into dreaming.


Let’s go! Land to disc! Smell that fresh air, ground’s getting warmer! Is planter ready to go? Which field first? What’s the forecast? Dogwoods blooming! Hurry up! Don’t stop til’ dark!

How many acres? Willies, Andrew Farm, Lil’ Tom’s, Spivey’s, Long Cut, check fuel, plenty of shear bolts? Ripper points? Go! Go !Go! Blood flowing, passion, light step, quick walk, keep it going!

Energy flowing, supposed to rain tomorrow? Finish this field! Fill it up, getting low, fill it up, getting low, head to Milton Field, need more seed!

Keep that row straight, in tractor, out of tractor, in tractor, out of tractor, let’s go! Oh, no! Flat tire! How many acres left? Let me add them up, shooting for mid-May.

Sheared a bolt! In tractor, out of tractor, what a day! In bed, mind racing, heart pumping, what’s the forecast? Call for more fertilizer first thing in morn. How much can we get done tomorrow?

Rex Alphin is a farmer, businessman and contributing columnist for The Tidewater News. His email address is