Sheriff’s Office warns residents about possible scams

Published 10:57 am Tuesday, March 29, 2011

COURTLAND—Southampton Sheriff’s Office would like to alert residents about a scam that appears to be occurring in the area, primarily with the elderly.

The first reported case was reported on Nov. 21 when a white male went to the home of an elderly person, said he worked for social services and that he was there to assist with the gas bill, said Sgt. Wanda Covington.

The man said he needed to measure some rooms.

“He then takes out a measuring tape and acts as though he is measuring the room,” Covington said. “In this case, there was another white male with him who comes in, and while the elderly person is holding one end of the measuring tape, the second male goes into the bedroom and steals money from the victim’s wallet.”

The second incident occurred on March 21. Again, a white male went to an elderly person’s home and repeated the same scenario, Covington said.

“He then says that he will give them their first payment of $40 and takes out a $100 asking the victim if they have change for the $100,” she said. “ The victim did not, so the man left. Most likely, either the $100 bill was counterfeit, or the suspect could have been planning to steal something from the victim.”

Both victims described the suspect as a white man with whiteish, grey hair, who is well dressed and well spoken. The only description for the second suspect was a white male.

In both cases they were seen on a white truck.

“These two incidents occurred in the Boykins and Branchville area, but certainly could occur anywhere in the county,” Covington said. “Citizens need to be aware that Southampton Social Services does not have any males working for them. Also, each employee with Social Services has a department photo identification with them.”

Lastly, Social Services does not present cash; funding such as that is handled though a different process, she said.

Anyone with information concerning these incidents is urged to contact Sheriff’s Office at 653-2100.