Error results in gas selling for $2.47 a gallon

Published 9:27 am Friday, March 25, 2011


COURTLAND—The power of the text message.

When it comes to getting the word out, it works, as was evidenced on Tuesday when a clerical error at the 7-Eleven on Highway 58 outside Courtland resulted in regular gasoline selling for $2.47 a gallon.

By the time Floyd Darden of Capron made it to the convenience store after receiving a text message and a call from friend James Spivey, there were 12 vehicles in front of him.

“It was hard to believe,” Darden said. “Gas ain’t been that low in a couple years.”

No one from the store next to the Virginia Department of Motor vehicles would comment on why gas was selling for more than $1 less a gallon compared to elsewhere.

Carol Davidson, senior vice-president for communications for 7-Eleven in Dallas, indicated a mistake was made at the register.

“They actually put the pricing in the system incorrectly,” Davidson said.

She said she didn’t know how long it took to correct, or how many gallons of gas were sold for $2.47 or the number of customers who took advantage of the situation.

For Darden, who usually spends $65 to $70 to fill up his Ford Bronco, it cost $50.

“I needed gas,” he said.

Spivey topped off the tanks on his wife’s Ford F150 and his full-size Dodge Hemi. The 33-year-old electrician learned about the $2.47-a-gallon gasoline after receiving a text message from a friend.

“I called my father, and he said, ‘It sounds like someone is playing a joke on you,’” Spivey said. “I pulled up there, and I’m the only one there. I started pumping, and it’s $2.47 a gallon.”

He decided not to tell anyone until he took his wife’s truck back to their Hunterdale home and returned with his truck.

“The bays were full,” Spivey said upon returning. “Someone pulled out, and I pulled in, and beside me pulls in another guy that I know. He was driving a fairly new Suburban. I said, ‘Isn’t this great!’”

Spivey then started texting.