Inventory time at Campbell Library

Published 10:40 am Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bonnie Roblin, branch manager at the Ruth Camp Campbell Library, scans genealogy books Friday afternoon. The library was closed Thursday and Friday for inventory. -- STEPHEN H. COWLES | TIDEWATER NEWS


FRANKLIN—Books, books, books. Guess who gets to count them all at the Ruth Camp Campbell Library? Yes, indeed, the librarians and staff.

The library was closed Thursday (That’s no way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day) and Friday for the second annual inventory.

Branch Manager Bonnie Roblin said Bluetooth scanners download all the numbers into a file, which is imported into the library’s operating system.

“This tells us what’s missing, lost or misplaced, such as the wrong branch,” Roblin said.

With scanners in hand, Roblin and her four staff members began that first morning scanning each and every book and magazine. They also included all reference and genealogical materials, DVDs, CDs, books on disc, and children’s kits, which include books and things like puppets.

“We scan everything that has a barcode,” said Roblin. “I have to stay until it’s done.”

The branch is a member of the Blackwater Regional Library.