Search warrant: Alcohol found in wreckage

Published 11:18 am Monday, March 14, 2011


SUFFOLK—Two bottles of alcohol were found in a pickup involved in a fatal crash on March 6, according to a search warrant filed with Suffolk Circuit Court.

Hollyann Heinrich, 23, of Waverly died in the 1:45 a.m. crash on Glen Haven Drive outside Holland after being thrown from the truck. Other occupants of the vehicle, William Davis, 26, and Dustin Bishop, 23, were injured.

Investigators said they found a beer bottle and a hard liquor bottle in the truck while executing the search warrant.

Police also were looking for evidence that will tell them who was driving. Police believe Davis was the driver, according to city spokeswoman Debbie George.

However, according to the search warrant, he has “recanted his earlier statements of driving and said that he was not driving and is unaware of who was driving at the time of the crash.”

In addition to the alcohol bottles, investigators took swabs from the steering wheel, the seat headrests and the car’s electronic data recorder. They also sought evidence of any vehicle malfunction that may have led to the crash.

Several beer bottles of also were strewn about the scene of the wreck, the search warrant stated.