Man gets 10 years for selling ecstasy, pot

Published 9:52 am Wednesday, March 9, 2011


COURTLAND—Jermaine Everette’s days of publicly selling and distributing drugs got a 10-year pause from Judge Westbrook Parker on Tuesday morning in Southampton County District Court.

Everette had been charged with selling and distributing drugs, including ecstasy and marijuana.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Eric Cooke noted that Everette has had past judicial encounters for a similar cause.

“It’s not as if he was unaware of the consequences,” said Cooke. “He’s a stone-cold coke dealer.”

He called for severe punishment in Everette’s case.

Charles Cosby, attorney for Everette, said the sales were “negligible” — that is, not much profit was made. Cosby did not justify his client’s drug dealings but said he understands the context. He offered that some time should be served plus a program “to help give him structure” to straighten out his life.

“I don’t think there is a deterrent,” Parker said.

In other matters, Hamilton Warren’s pre-sentencing was rescheduled for March 21 and William Winborne Jr.’s to May 16. Warren is charged with three counts of selling and distributing cocaine. Winborne is charged with two counts of selling and distributing cocaine.