Opponents of Navy training unpatriotic, he says

Published 8:38 am Friday, March 4, 2011

To the Editor:

After reading the news about how citizens in the Franklin/Isle of Wight area reacted to the Navy’s request to use the Franklin Municipal Airport for training purposes, I was disgusted.

How do these people call themselves American?

The Navy had a claim to the Franklin airport since it last used it during World War II and was gracious enough to allow the city to use it at its disposal, with the stipulation that if the day came that the Navy needed to use it, they would be granted access to it.

Apparently, the council and the citizens of Franklin do not want to uphold their end of the deal.

The Navy needs to be able to train our pilots so that they can be prepared for the tasks ahead when out at sea. These brave men and women have chosen to protect our freedoms abroad and possibly make the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, and some have the audacity to complain about sacrificing some of their quiet time.

Are you serious?

These people are willing to give their lives for you and for me, and some want to complain about giving up quiet time so that these pilots can be properly trained to do their jobs?

Not only do I view this as being “un-American,” but I do not see this as being very patriotic for one’s country.

If I lived next to the Franklin airport, I would still feel the same way. I would much rather give up quiet than give up my freedoms as an American.

Steven J. Savedge