Congress must support programs to assist needy

Published 8:17 am Friday, February 25, 2011

To the Editor:

President Obama has sent his proposed 2012 budget to Congress.

As close to one in five potential workers is either unemployed or underemployed; the federal budget must fund job creation.

Strengthening the economy and putting people back to work must be a priority else we lose ground that has been made over the past year. While some believe we are unable to afford job creation, I believe that we cannot afford not to.

Only by helping the millions of the unemployed and/or underemployed getting back to work, making money, paying taxes and not having to rely on safety net programs, will the deficit fall to manageable levels.

Most of the deficit is due to the economic downturn, as the economy recovers, so to will the deficit be addressed.

By Congress making job creation a priority reflected in the budget, so to does it help to reduce the deficit. As well, Congress must also be mindful that it must continue to fund vital safety nets so as to support the poor and unemployed that are in need.

Rev. Carol Peterson