Franklin school superintendent presents goals for district

Published 10:55 am Friday, February 18, 2011


FRANKLIN—During the Franklin City Public School Board meeting on Thursday, Superintendent Dr. Michelle Belle presented what she called a “snapshot of where we are” in the State of the Schools report.

Belle said the school system continues emphasizing four goals:

First, improving students’ achievement, as measured by state and national assessments. This also includes an emphasis on reducing achievement gaps for students both black and white, those economically disadvantaged and those with special needs. Further, the highest-achieving students require challenging academic opportunities.

A few ways to do so include:

• Continue to provide professional development for principals and teachers in instruction. This includes using power tools and common strategies, which enable teachers to use a variety of strategies to challenge and support the daily and diverse needs of students.

• Implement a system for identifying and helping students having difficulties in attendance, discipline and academics. The information should be analyzed monthly.

Second, improve the efficiency of operations:

• By working more collaboratively division-wide through the 2011-2012 process. Currently, 99.77 percent of the district’s teachers are highly.

• Continue to monitor the teacher observation and walkthrough process at each building.

Third, improve communication among departments, schools, home and community by:

• Re-establishing the meeting schedule for the Administrative Council, which will take place the Monday following School Board meetings.

• Continuing to partner with community organizations such as the March of Dimes, the superintendent speaking at various civic functions and inviting students to participate and speak at community meetings and events.

• Continuing the 21st Century After-School programs at the middle and high schools.

Fourth, create a positive climate for learning by:

• Continuing to foster a safe and nurturing environment conducive to learning.

• Continuing the maintenance of the buildings.