TN used poor taste in reporting Pitchford death

Published 8:29 am Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To the Editor:

I am very disappointed in the way The Tidewater News broke the story about Clyde Pitchford (“Former stockbroker’s death apparent suicide,” Feb. 2).

The news was very sad to all that knew him and loved him and to have his bad choices in life flaunted in the newspaper that way was most definitely distasteful!

I understand that The Tidewater News was trying to “inform” the public but remember that the people that you are reporting on have family and friends that may be overly hurt by the content.

Clyde Pitchford was a great man and leaves behind so many friends and should be remembered and written about for first bringing the Pace House back to life in Franklin, or his activities in our community and with his love of the Country Club, his Dobermans Lucy and Rufus, the love for his sisters and close friends, and my own children, who called him “Daddy Clyde.”

These things are what should have been included and highlighted in the article. I know the paper may think these things I have said are more suitable for a “memorial,” but airing his “dirty laundry” is an unsuitable way to report this news!

Niki Jernigan