Court Dispositions

Published 8:15 am Wednesday, February 9, 2011


RAMON CORDELL ANDERSON, Emporia, two counts of violation of parole attempted robbery charges; 12 years, 7 months probation; $1,463 in costs

MARCUS T. DAYE, Chesapeake, violated good behavior while in prison on a malicious wounding and attempted robbery charges; two years in prison; 20 years probation, $648 in costs.

OMAR SEKOU SEMPLE, Hampton, violation of parole of a charge of possession with intent to distribute no less than one-half ounce/no more than five pounds of marijuana; three years probation; $178 in court costs

ANKEEKA BRITT, Franklin, possession of cocaine; drug program ordered and operator’s license suspended for six months; 5 years probation; $1,135 in court costs

GREGORY ORLANDO JARRETT, Suffolk, interfering with property rights and petty larceny/revocations, 12 months in jail, $125 in court costs

JAMES LASHAUN SPRATLEY, Newport News, possession of cocaine/revocation; Diversion Center recommended; three years probation; $651 in court costs

MICHAEL ALLAN WORLIN, Smithfield, driving under the influence, first offense; $250 fine; $264 in court costs; license suspended for one year

SAMANTHA ELIZABETH HARRIS, Smithfield, possession of cocaine, six months suspended driver’s license, $980 in court costs

SAMANTHA LEE DIXON, Verona, possession of heroin, $980 in court costs