Asphalt plant opens in Branchville

Published 11:11 am Tuesday, February 8, 2011


BRANCHVILLE—J.T. Russell and Sons Inc. recently opened a liquid asphalt distribution plant in Branchville.

The new facility is “up and running,” according to project engineer Nathan Russell.

Planning began in January 2009 with construction on the $1.2 million facility starting the following January, Russell said. Developer Wood Beasley was helped by Franklin Southampton Economic Development Inc. and Southampton County. The new site was ready in December.

This is a “slow time” for business, Russell said. Paving season starts when the temperatures get and stay warmer.

Until then, there are two people at the plant. But he foresees needing five to six more employees and as many as 10 within the next year or so as “the demand grows.”

The Branchville site was chosen because “the land was available, it has a Class 1 railroad, and it’s not far from Raleigh, Richmond, Suffolk, Norfolk and the key surrounding cities,” he said.

J.T. Russell and Sons has been Albemarle, N.C.-based is been around since 1939.

The company provides the asphalt and related products as well as the mixing, grading and paving.