Restoring school funding a priority

Published 8:04 am Wednesday, February 2, 2011

In recent years, Virginia’s General Assembly has had to make difficult, across-the-board cuts in funding to just about every agency and department in the Commonwealth.

A receding economy, rising unemployment and declining state tax collections are equally to blame. Our state legislators proclaimed them the worst financial conditions they had ever seen. No one was spared. Not even the sacred cow of public education.

This year, reports out of Richmond paint a somewhat rosier picture. Revenues (ahem, tax collections) are on the rise, and our fiscal house is reported to be in somewhat better condition than years past.

The legislature should focus immediately on restoring funding to our public schools.

Along with a comprehensive transportation package, few things are as great in importance to the Commonwealth’s future prosperity as an effective public education system. Improving our schools and providing them with the resources to succeed is essential, not only for strengthening our local communities today, but as we compete economically on a global scale into the future.