Resident complains about litter along roadways

Published 11:19 am Tuesday, January 25, 2011

COURTLAND—J. Blair Bunn refers to Southampton County’s 640 miles of roads as the “most unsightly” in Virginia and hopes to change that.

“Litter gives you a bad impression to residents and visitors,” Bunn told the county Board of Supervisors during a Monday night meeting. “I hope you will put this in the ‘important pile.’”

The Board did so by appointing Supervisors Ron West and Walt Brown to work on the problem.

Supervisor Moses Wyche agreed; the county does have a serious problem with trash along roadways.

“This one of the trashiest counties I’ve seen,” added Supervisor Ron West.

Supervisor Walter Young noted that the county in December has 29 people assigned to its little control program, which involves cleaning along 58 miles of roadways. They picked up 81 bags of litter, 18 tires, a 50-inch television box, car bumper and car seat last month.

“The inmates do a super job,” Brown said. “The day after, it’s back to the way it was. You clean it up and somebody comes in and litters it.”

Blair suggested police watch areas were trash is regularly dumped.

“If you sit there long enough, you will catch them,” he said. “If someone is caught, fine them. If they can’t pay the fine, make them clean for 40 hours. If that doesn’t work, give them 80 hours. You just gotta make people accountable.”

Brown agreed.

“Unless there is some kind of example made, you will continue to see this problem,” he said.

Blair, who lives in Newsoms, said he caught someone dumping garbage on his road.

“I held them until the authorities arrived and they did nothing but make them clean it up,” he said.