Ex-NFL player gets OK to use Hayden field

Published 11:06 am Saturday, January 22, 2011

FRANKLIN—Greg Scott hopes to improve and use the athletic field next to the former Hayden High School building in Franklin for football programs for local youth.

He got a nod from Franklin School Board members, who voted unanimously Thursday to allow his nonprofit, Cover 3 Football, Inc., to use the field.

“I want to host my youth football camps and my flag football meetings over there to give our young people in our area something to do because it’s really nothing here for our young men or young ladies to do,” said Scott, the founder and chief executive officer of Cover 3 Football, Inc.

Cover 3 plans to host a spring flag football league and yearly football camps at the field in conjunction with Franklin Parks and Recreation.

Scott, who played in the NFL and the Arena Football League, said he wants to “bring more life to that area.”

“Put some lights out there…put some stands out there so you parents can come sit and watch your children and be involved in positive activities instead of some of the nonsense that is going on in our neighborhoods,” he said.

Cover 3 was awarded an NFL Youth Football Fund Grant to start an NFL Flag Football League in Franklin. Planned improvements at the field include the demolition of the dilapidated brick building on the premises, removal of trees, weeds, shrubs and overgrown foliage, bleachers and possibly an awning and picnic area and light fixtures.

City Attorney Taylor Williams will prepare a lease for the property, which the school division owns. He said it wouldn’t affect the planned work at the Hayden school building and wouldn’t limit community use of the field.

Scott, whose professional football career ended in 2007, said his passion is children.

“I once was one of these young men walking around on the street dreaming about making something happen. I was fortunate enough to do it for four and a half years,” he said. “I want to come back and instill some of that positive energy into our young men because it’s much needed.”