Land Transfers

Published 9:22 am Wednesday, January 19, 2011

City of Franklin
Verizon South Inc. to Franklin Baptist Church, $5,000

Janice L. Haanpaa to Cynthia B. Powell, 101 Hunterdale Road, $162,000

Kevin S. and Kristi L. Sutton to Leon Dupree, 113 Holly Cove St., $170,000

Fannie Mae to Justin P. Schumer, 113 Crescent Drive, $172,000

Southampton County
Frank S. Bridger to Kevin S. Sutton, 1.53 acres, lot 56, $288,225

Berlin-Ivor District
Evans and Bryant PLC to Secretary of Housing, 15373 Corinth Road, $189,174

R. Parsons LLC to Jacob R. and Angela M. Wofford, 32116 Unity Road, $255,000

Alice J. Davis to James C. Taylor Jr., 1.940 acres at 38065 Broadwater Road, $127,000

United Development of Virginia to Bradley R. Spivey, 34337 Unity Road, $165,000

Capron District
Secretary of Housing to Janet H. Brooks, 26036 Guy Place Road, $92,840

Drewryville District
Martha Jenkins Watts and others to Frank R. and Barbara A. Palmer, tract 1 and 2 Mamie Lee Jenkins estate, $145,500

Franklin District
Walter N. Beale III to John D. Cornwell, 27077 Dogwood Bend Road, $35,000

Fannie Mae to Brian Keith Rose, 21729 Story Station Road, $124,000

Johnie R. Muncy to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot on 58, $132,026

Paul T. and Patricia B. Milteer to Daniel A. Patton, 26657 Rose Valley Road, $212,900

Michael W. and Carolyn H. Miller to Martin W. Connolly, 1.488 acres at 32294 Oberry Church Road, $315,000

Dawn and Randall B. Worrell Sr. to Travis Otis and Elizabeth Young, 31487 Oberry Church Road, $169,900

Fannie Mae to Laura J. Lanier, 31044 Camp Parkway, $169,000

City of Franklin to Lloyd E. Brotzman Jr. and others, lot 3 Cypress Manor, $5,000

Harold L. Richlie to Miley and Jonas LLC, 10062 Shady Brook Trail, $44,598

Jerusalem District
Mark and Karen Middleton to Craig A. and Josephine A. Hammond, 28504 Darden Point Road, $309,000

Suzanne Pearce to James S. Prentice, 2.621 acres, $164,000

Newsoms District
William D. and Nancy V. Wright to David M. and Elaine M. Dunn, 64.18 acres, $115,000

Town of Boykins
Roderick W. Edwards to Holly J. Tatem, 33216 Pinecrest Drive, $219,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Secretary of Housing, 18377 Virginia Ave., $141,008

CitiFinancial Inc. to Susan L. and Walter I. Jordan Jr., 3072 Main St., $14,900

Town of Courtland
Lorraine C. Wright to Shirley S. and Olivia B. Bryant, two parcels, $135,000

Gayle D. Urquhart to Logan R. and Erica J. Jackson, 26026 Court St., $150,000

Town of Capron
William Nick Kitchen IV to John Paul Jones, 22681 Main St., $150,000

Isle of Wight County
Windsor District
Gary E. Sharp to Kyke B. Bouska, lot 1, $223,200

U.S. Bank National Association to Clifford Carr, 1.216 acres Ralph Suggs property, $189,000

Cecil Parker Duke Jr. to Steve T. Jurnigan, 1.267 acres Route 603/Shiloh Drive, $53,000

Larry B. Stokes to Lorraine B. Stokes, 90 acres adjacent Norfolk and Western Railway, $103,200

Town of Windsor
Holland Meadows Inc. to Dion G. Fontenot, lot 7 phase 1 Holland Meadows, $246,200.

Harold L. Richlie to Miley and Jonas LLC, 6.24 acres R.E. Watson estate property, $44,598