Peaceful retirement threatened by planes

Published 9:58 am Saturday, January 15, 2011

To the Editor:

Time flies by. In a couple of years, retirement is a possibility. We have added a nice deck to our house to sit out on, a nice area to take care of the flowers and a dogwood tree filled with bird feeders so we can enjoy all the birds.

But now, my future retirement doesn’t look too pleasing. Instead of birds chirping, I may have to sit on my deck and listen to low-flying planes as they continuously fly over my house for hours at a time.

How did this happen? How can this be good for Franklin? Does anybody care? If any member of the City Council votes yes for this, no matter what ward is represented, it tells me he or she does not care about the quality of life for part of the population of this city.

Can you assure me that the constant flyovers will not bother my way of life? Can you assure 100 percent that one of the planes will not crash in my neighborhood?

I am not unpatriotic. Thank God for our military! But there were other localities that said “yes” to the Navy. We are an established community. We did not build around Navy training and then complain about the noise. We’ve been here. We would like to peacefully stay here.

City Council, please vote “no” to the Navy coming here.

Jane Britt