Parade tops 2011 resolutions

Published 10:46 am Saturday, January 15, 2011

FRANKLIN—Concerns and comments from citizens and council members were chief on the minds of city employees as they formed a list of New Year’s resolutions, City Manager June Fleming said.

“I don’t know if everybody realizes how this staff listens so intently…takes so seriously what’s said to us,” she said during Monday’s City Council meeting.

Atop the list of resolutions, listed by department, is a Christmas parade in 2011. The city hasn’t had a Christmas parade in two years. Last year, no group stepped forward to sponsor the event, and in 2009 bad weather forced its cancellation.

“I’m real thrilled that there’s a commitment not to let that fall through the cracks again,” Mayor Jim Councill said of the parade. “There are a variety of people that have an interest in helping, and that still leaves a great deal of space for civic groups and whatnot to step up and assist.”

A number of the resolutions involve expanding the reach of online services. The treasurer’s office resolved to give citizens additional options to pay utility and tax bills online, and the Human Resources Department resolved to improve the online application process and implement a “job line” to announce city job openings.

The Police Department resolved to promote community partnerships, expand and support Neighborhood Watch programs and emphasize gang awareness. The Department of Parks and Recreation plans to establish a citywide exercise event once a month.

The Public Works Department resolved to hold two amnesty weeks this year, one in the spring and another in the fall, when residents will be allowed to rid their yards and homes of unwanted items, including refuse debris, old appliances, tires, lawn mowers and more, at no cost.

In an attempt to be more business friendly, the Community Development Department resolved to partner with the commissioner of the revenue’s office to cross-train employees on the business license process.

The resolutions didn’t come with a request for additional funds from the City Council.

“We have been quite determined that we were going to do more with less,” Fleming said.

Councill said he was pleased with the list of resolutions and said it “speaks highly” of the city’s leadership, from Fleming to department heads.

“I’m glad to see some targeted objectives for the coming year and just look forward to all of those coming to pass,” Councill said of the resolutions. “I think they address a variety of interests across the community to make us more friendly, easier to work with and bring some more enhancement to the city.”