Published 8:50 am Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 1

How beautiful! Come here, kids! Look at it falling! It’s covering everything! The tree limbs, the yard, the car, every little ledge.

The world changes before our eyes. Let’s dress warm and go outside! Those shirts and sweaters and coats should be enough. Let me help you. Push while I hold your gloves. You can hardly move! Ha! Three pairs of socks! Pull that stocking cap over your ears.

Let’s go! Isn’t it wonderful! So quiet, so silent, so surreal. Hey, I can throw a snowball too! Listen to the crunch underfoot. Yell! The sound goes nowhere! Ahhhhhhh! Make a snow angel. Let me pull you up! Ha! It feels so fluffy, so enchanting.

A snowman! Come on! Sticks for arms. Put a hat on him. Ha,ha! Cotton falling from the sky. A hike in the forest.

The sleds! Get the sleds! Who can go the farthest?

Stick out your tongue! Melts as it lands! Tastes like ice! So cold, so tingly. Snow cream! Scoop it off the top. Vanilla, sugar, milk. Mmmmmmm. Thanks for the hot chocolate! Hits the spot. How adventuresome! How wonderful!

Day 3

These four walls are driving me crazy! Have you seen the slop out there? Kids, quit arguing!

Again? You want to go out again? What a mess! Mountians of wet socks, sweaters, shirts, pants, gloves.

Find something to do! What? Only three eggs left? No bread?! I’m sick of television! We’ve seen all those movies! Three times! Oh no, not the “Sound of Music.” Not again!

In and out. In and out. Can’t you kids make up your mind?

I’ve got to get out of here! Yes, I can see the snowman melting! No, I can’t stop it! How long is this white stuff going to last? I heard what you said! Maybe you’re a grouch, too! Take your boots off first! You just went to the bathroom! Ahhhhh!

When will life return to normal? Kids, quit arguing!