He commends publisher’s column on McClenny

Published 7:52 am Friday, December 31, 2010

To the Editor:

Congratulations to Steve Stewart on his Dec. 17 commentary (“A lapse of leadership”).

I too believe that both City Manager June Fleming and Police Chief Phil Hardison have done some positive things that should be recognized. However, the publisher’s commentary has put the onus for more than a year’s turmoil in the City of Franklin exactly where it belongs.

Mrs. Fleming and the chief should and could have stopped this in the very beginning.

Had the accusation against McClenny been a major crime, it would have been publicized immediately with great fanfare. It is obvious that there is a great possibility they could have hidden behind the “personnel matter” excuse to prevent admission to a trumped-up insignificant accusation against McClenny.

Had there ever been an allegation worthy of publication, it is doubtful that an attempted cover-up would have ever been considered.

This no doubt initiated the constant street talk to this day of a “conspiracy” consisting of Mrs. Fleming, the chief and the city attorney, who would never reveal the allegation to the City Council or the citizens of Franklin.

The Franklin City Council also has to accept responsibility for its failure in this fiasco when it did not pursue the so-called allegation against McClenny to evaluate its validity.

In light of the fact that two members of the council were identified in your commentary, I want to thank Mayor Jim Councill and Councilman Don Blythe, in addition to Councilman Greg McLemore, for all of their efforts to resolve this catastrophe. This should give you a good idea where the responsibility for failure lies.

Dr. Robert T. Edwards