Discussion of new Courtland cemetery continues

Published 8:37 am Friday, December 31, 2010

BY JESSICA GIBBS/Contributing writer

COURTLAND—The Town Council on Tuesday, Jan, 4, will meet with property owners whose land surrounds eight acres the town would like to develop for a cemetery.

The land at Rochelle Street and Flaggy Run Road is about two blocks from Riverside Cemetery, which is filling up. More than a year ago, the Town Council decided to only sell plots to residents of Courtland due to a lack of space.

During a June 3 public hearing, many voiced complaints about developing the new cemetery, including Gayle Lowdermilk, who said it would be at her back door. Lowdermilk said Thursday she plans to attend Tuesday’s meeting and remains opposed to the cemetery.

Several people spoke with Realtors before the June 3 meeting to see if property values would be affected. They argued that the value may not be affected, but the marketability of the homes may suffer.

Suggestions were made for alternative locations, and questions were raised as to why the cemetery needed to be in town limits.

Not all were opposed to the plan. Some offered support.

The asking price on the eight acres is $100,000.

The new cemetery would have 200 to 300 plots, depending on the sizes. Families can choose a 20-by 20-foot plot or a 20-by 40-foot plot. The cemetery would have one exit and one entrance.

The plots would be available to everyone, not just residents of Courtland, and sell for $10 a square foot.