BackPack food program a good thing

Published 9:07 am Saturday, December 18, 2010

It was good to hear about Capron Elementary School receiving a $4,500 grant to provide 80 students from low-income homes with food on weekends.

The funding for three years will help support the school’s BackPack Program. The national program was developed after a school nurse noticed a marked increase in stomachaches and headaches on Mondays among children who hadn’t eaten enough over the weekend.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that children in our region may be going hungry and that their primary source of nutrition is through the free- and reduced-price lunch program at their schools.

That’s why efforts like the BackPack program are so important.

According to, a child’s nutrition is important to his or her overall health. Proper nutrition can prevent medical problems, including becoming overweight, and developing weak bones and diabetes. It also will ensure that your child physically grows to his or her full potential.

As for the types of food that will be sent home with Capron students, we can only assume it will be nutritional.

The BackPack Program is administered through the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia and focuses on schools with a high percentage of students receiving free and reduced-price lunches because those students may not get proper meals at home.

Parents should be pleased with the BackPack program. We can all use a little extra help at times.