Published 8:23 am Wednesday, December 8, 2010


TAMMIE R. JONES, 44, stalking

IBRAHIM MERIWETHER, 32, driving while intoxicated, suspended license

KELLI P. SHIPMAN, 27, felony bad check


LEE A. URQUHART JR., 32, disorderly conduct, trespassing

ALLEN R. TURNER, 30, felony hit and run, suspended license

BRIAN E. PHILLIPS, 38, embezzlement, obtain money by false pretense

DESIREE E. BRADY, 28, conspire murder for hire

LaKENDRA A. WOODSON, 21, assault and battery

QUINTON D. TROTMAN, 18, possession of weapon on school property

SHAQUITA JORDAN, 25, assault and battery, enter property with intent to damage

DANIEL L. KNIGHT, 32, possession of heroin with intent to distribute

CORDERA HARRIS, 22, driving while intoxicated, refuse breath test, elude police, revoked license

DONNIE JOYNER, 43, violate protective order

RONALD V. KERSEY JR., 40, forcible sodomy, abduction, aggravated sexual battery, indecent liberties with a minor

JOSEPH BOONE, 49, possession of controlled substance, assault and battery

DETROY ROBINSON, 34, possession of cocaine

THEODORE MATTHEWS JR., 46, assault and battery

CAROLYN WATSON, 28, assault firefighter

SHAKEEM L. BRYANT, 20, felony carry concealed gun, drunk in public, resist arrest