Hunting dog nearly caused pileup on 460

Published 8:41 am Friday, December 3, 2010

To the Editor:

On Sunday morning, on Route 460 near Ivor, I witnessed something that has disturbed me very much.

My family was traveling down the road at regular highway speed with about as much traffic as you’d expect on a holiday weekend.

Suddenly, ahead of us, vehicles slammed on their brakes in either direction. In a matter of seconds, a car ahead of us nearly veered off the right side of the road, and an oncoming car crossed the center yellow line in our direction.

We narrowly missed hitting a pickup truck that had stopped in the center of the eastbound lanes of Route 460, partially blocking both lanes. Other vehicles were trying to avoid hitting two more pickup trucks, one blocking one lane of eastbound traffic, and another pulled off the road on the westbound side.

In the middle of this commotion walking along the center line was one hunting dog, looking a little confused about where he was supposed to go.

I’m sure I can speak for the other drivers on the road that day to say that we were scared and angry to face a potentially deadly wreck because of a dog.

Hunting is part of my life and my family’s traditions. Don’t get me wrong; hunting isn’t the problem. I understand, too, the need for hunting with hounds in the thick woods and swamps here. It needs to be done responsibly.

To those hunters on Route 460 that day — you’re irresponsible, and you’re guilty of giving sportsmen a bad name. The people who saw you in the middle of the road on Sunday will now always remember the hunters who nearly caused a huge wreck while trying to catch a dog.

Please think twice next time before you put your dogs’ lives above the lives of your neighbors and families traveling on our local roads.

Kelly Donnell